Balancing life and responsibilities

How being a caregiver affects your world. 

Balancing your caregiving responsibilities with school, work and everything else going on in your life can be challenging.


Your family situation can make it hard to focus or interfere with your sleep and studying so you don’t get the grades you want. Maybe you don’t have the time, energy or interest you need to do well in class. Or maybe you’re distracted because you’re worried about how things are going at home while you’re in class.

Because of the time commitment of caregiving, young caregivers are more likely to be working part-time, if at all, which can put a strain on you financially. If you are working, it can be difficult to balance your work schedule and the needs of the person you’re caring for.

Your community

Where you live can impact your role and level of support. For example, you may have a different support system living in a small town versus living in a big city. If your family moved to Canada from another country, you might have become responsible for translating, contacting service providers and healthcare organizations, making sense of bills and more.

The health care system

In your role as caregiver, you might have to talk to doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and others who don’t want to tell you information because of your age, or they don’t understand your role in your family. Or they provide information in a way that you don’t understand. Check out these tips about how be taken seriously.

Get help:

  • Talk with your teachers or professors about your caregiving responsibilities and how they might impact you at school. They may be able to accommodate you with a more flexible schedule or extend deadlines
  • Discuss your situation with your employer and how it may impact you at work. They may be willing to be more flexible with your schedule or work responsibilities
  • Connect with other young caregivers. Join our online peer support group or be part of the conversation in the online forum

Not sure where to start? Call our 24/7 helpline or talk to us in our live chat to find resources in your community..