Managing relationships

How being a caregiver affects your relationships.  

Relationships are a big part of everyone’s life. As a young caregiver, this can be really complicated if you feel pulled in different directions.


Sometimes dealing with a challenge together or experiencing a crisis can bring families closer. Other times it can cause tension, like when family members disagree about how to handle a situation. You might feel like you’re expected to take on too many responsibilities and that you’ll always be there to help. This can bring up feelings of resentment and make it hard for you to plan for your own future. 


As a young caregiver, friendships can be really hard too. You may have so much to deal with at home that you feel like you don’t have the time or energy for relationships with people outside your family. Some friends might not understand your situation or think you’re just being negative.

Get help:

  • Check out these tips for ways to cope
  • Open up to a trusted family member or friend about what you’re going through
  • Talk to people outside your family, like coaches, teachers, professors, neighbours, health care providers or counsellors
  • Tell people what you need and don’t be afraid or embarrassed to ask for their help
  • Connect with other young caregivers. Join our online peer support group or be part of the conversation in the online forum

Not sure where to start? Call our 24/7 helpline or talk to us in our live chat to find resources in your community.